An undercover investigation by Animal Liberation NSW

Take Action

Get Writing

Write to your local supermarket and encourage them to take duck off the shelves! Also, write to local restaurants in your area if they have ducks on their menu and refer them to this website.

Take Ducks off Your Menu

Ducks are calm and placid animals that are also extremely intelligent. Pekins are known to develop very strong bonds with humans very similar to the bond between humans and dogs. Try delicious alternatives such as mock duck or consider going vegan.

Why vegan? Cruelty isn't just limited to the duck industry. Widespread cruelty such as this can be changed by our own consumer choices. Together we have the power to create change.

Plus, going vegan is better for your health, for the environment (livestock is responsible for over 50% of human-made greenhouse gas emissions), for long-term food sustainability, and it's the only way to be sure your food is coming from an ethical source.

Spread the Word

Be a voice for these animals and share the results of our investigation with everyone you know. Share our photos and videos on Facebook/Twitter and help us show the world what the industry doesn't want anyone to see.

Help Stop the Suffering

Join Animal Liberation by becoming a member and help us with our vital investigations. Your donations go towards assisting animals in need.