An undercover investigation by Animal Liberation NSW

Campaign Successes

In late 2010, Animal Liberation submitted an objection to a proposed duck breeding facility at Howes Valley. With support from the local community, the applicant was asked by Council to withdraw their submission or face rejection. The applicant withdrew their application. This application was re-submitted in September 2012, and Animal Liberation is again attempting to stop the proposed facility.

In 2011 Animal Liberation, together with the Public Interest Law Clearing House (PILCH) received a Voiceless grant for $13,000 for a project titled, "Like a Duck Out of Water: An expose of the Australian duck industry and the deprivation of water for intensively farmed ducks raised for meat." This grant was used to develop and produce an extensive report on the duck industry in Australia. The report is printed in both Chinese and English and is being distributed to restaurants, airlines and other duck meat retailers. This report can be downloaded here.

In early 2012 Animal Liberation in conjunction with PALS at the Public Interest Law Clearing House submitted a complaint to the ACCC regarding Pepe's Ducks' misleading advertising. On Wednesday 11 July 2012, the ACCC announced it was taking court action against Pepe's Ducks, alleging misleading and deceptive advertising in relation to the promotion and supply of ducks. In December 2012 Pepe's Ducks were found guilty for false and deceptive conduct and were ordered to pay $375,000 in civil pecuniary penalties and $25,000 in costs.

On Tuesday 19 June 2012 ABC's 7:30 aired Animal Liberation's investigation into the duck industry after Animal Liberation submitted a complaint to the ACCC regarding Pepe's Duck's. ABC's 7:30 showed disturbing scenes of intensively housed ducks on their backs unable to re-erect themselves, ducks whose feathers were smattered in faecal matter, and ducks who had fallen under drinking nipples and had their wings painfully caught in the wire mesh flooring.

Following the ABC's exposé, Voiceless published an opinion piece in the SMH about the cruelty of duck farming.

In early 2013 Animal Liberation together with the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel (BAWP) raised their concerns with the ACCC in regards to another duck producer: Luv-a-Duck. Luv-a-Duck’s advertising included statements such as, “grown and grain fed in the spacious Wimmera Wheatlands.” In November 2013, Luv-a-Duck were found guilty of false and deceptive conduct and were ordered to pay $360,000 in civil pecuniary penalties and $15,000 towards the ACCC’s costs.

On December 5th 2013, Animal Liberation received a second grant from Voiceless. This grant will be used for the second part of this ongoing campaign. This part of the project aims to create an eye catching advertisement and use two modalities- Chinese Newspapers and outdoor advertising in or near Chinatown in Sydney.  This project will attempt to change consumer behaviour through education.