An undercover investigation by Animal Liberation NSW

Australian Duck Farming, NSW & VIC (2018): full edit

We teamed up with some of the world’s best animal rights photographers to tell the entire story of ducks bred for meat – from the hatchery, to the farms, onto the trucks, and into the slaughterhouse.

Canadian photographer and founder of We Animals, Jo-Anne McArthur, Italian photographer Stefano Belacchi of Essere Animali, and Lissy Jayne of Bear Witness Australia, joined us on an investigation that spanned one year, two states, and three companies, uncovering the use of macerators for weak or injured day-old ducklings at the hatchery, routine cruelty and neglect in farms, violent throwing of ducks into crates during “depopulation”, and regular failing of the electric stun bath at the slaughterhouse subjecting ducks to fully-conscious slaughter.